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As an entrepreneur, life stylist and mentor my whole life I have been of sound mind and body, always putting extra emphasis on being physically fit, taking care of my skin, eating well and enjoying life. But as the test of time has proven sometimes there are those hard to target spots and pesky dimples on the back of my buttocks and leg. I was determined to find something to help me battle those problem areas and help my skin appear more youthful and vibrant. 

I realized exfoliation was key in getting rid of the old and nurturing the new skin cells. One morning while washing the coffee pot I rubbed the coffee grounds on my hands, I visibly noticed a more brighter and firmer skin tone. I experienced first hand the skin benefits of caffeine!  I played in the kitchen crafting my own homemade scrubs and found the best topical exfoliants were those that I could also eat. I was making my coffee and sprinkling in the sweetener thinking if this is good enough to put in my body it should also be good enough to put on my body. And voila. 

My mission has been to enhance a person’s true beauty and now I am excited to share this wonderful new adventure with you and looking forward to bringing out the true beauty of your skin. CocoJava was created for everyone who is seeking to take better care of themselves and their appearance, men and women of all ages love the Made in Hawaii product that really is good enough to eat. Try it in your coffee, try it on your face and thighs you’ll see and feel an immediate change.