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"CocoJava is luscious, delicious and really works. The moment you open the cap and the scent of fresh ground coffee, sugar and coconut envelop your senses you know this will be a treat for the body. It quickly eliminated skin redness, exfoliated, moisturized and gave my face a more youthful glow." - Olena Heu, entrepreneur and former Miss Hawaii 2004 and news anchor.


"Thanks to CocoJava, I always feel competition ready. A few years ago I was in a bike crash and have had keloid scarring on my legs ever since. Using CocoJava on the scar tissue not only reduces the swelling significantly, but it also alleviates some of the day-to-day discomfort and itchiness. Mahalo CocoJava!" – Tarah Driver. Miss Hawai’i’s Outstanding Teen 2014, Miss Chinatown Hawai’I 2016


"I am a pretty active chick. Always outside in the sun and surf, and up hiking in the mountains. The elements are tough on my skin. And of course, for my work, I am piling on the makeup and not always taking proper care of my biggest body organ. That’s why I was super stoked to try CocoJava. The stuff is amazing!! Made my skin super soft, and helped me exfoliate weeks of yucky dead skin. I feel all shiny and new! Bonus points that you can also EAT IT because it’s made with Hawaiian COFFEE and other delicious all natural ingredients. And it smells divine. It says you can mix the scrub and make a topping for waffles and pancakes. Guess I know what I’m having for breakfast!" – Sunway Chong. Performer, Entertainer


"I have used CocoJava coffee scrub for my face for the last couple of months. I love this product and the feel of my skin after each use. I’ve had several people ask what I use and I refer them to this product. My foundation goes on much smoother. Would highly recommend this product and best yet it smells so yummy!". – Kim Buffet


"I always thought beauty products were strictly for women until I was forced to try the CocoJava Face Polish. I’m a coffee addict, so the aroma of the product made it easy for me to indulge in this mask for my face. I was so impressed with how smooth, moisturized and brighter my skin looked immediately after just 1 use. Finally, a beauty product also made for men." – Joe M.