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Many of us are searching for the fountain of youth. How do we tighten and tone the skin, appear visibly younger and eliminate the appearance of cellulite? Our search for the perfect product to bring out your inner beauty while enhancing your outer beauty was literally found in the kitchen. 

Born September 2014, CocoJava utilizes the finest, all-natural and made in Hawaii ingredients to
enhance your skin while stimulating the senses. CocoJava will nourish the body and leave you feeling softer, smoother and more beautiful from the inside out. 

We spent close to two years researching and determining which product would offer the best results and are proud to say that it includes our all-natural signature blend of Hawaiian Coffee, specially crafted and roasted for each individual product. We have no doubt that Hawaii has the energy to heal and revitalize and that’s what makes our product unique. Crafted with aloha and emerging from the tropical volcanic soil CocoJava will enhance your appearance, reinvigorate and polish your skin while offering many benefits for your body.  Plus, it’s so natural it’s edible.

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